hi, we're the starshines!

we're a bunch of people (about 200, actually!) sharing a single body! isn't that cool
we mostly make gay shitposts and sometimes bully computers into doing stuff for us

basic information

not basic information

we're a polyplural, quoigenic collective of people* :3
we're non-binary, voidpunk, therian, and... lesbian? probably? who knows anymore!
queer as in "no idea what's going on but it sure isn't cis or straight"

we work on a lot of projects in our spare time. but the only two that are actually released are Termora and Catalogger, both discord bots.
you can find our code on codeberg and github!

*: "people" as in "sentient entities" but not all of us are actually people, it totally makes sense i promise

about this webbed site

we made our first website on this domain around early 2021 but it was all Minimalist™ and Modern™ and stuff.
minimalism is bad (source) and we should go back to 90s website design, actually, so we decided to redo our website to look slightly more ass but be much cooler

yes the background sucks. if you have any suggestions on how to make it look nicer please tell us. we're programmers not artists dammit

the source for this website is available on codeberg

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